5 ways for freelancers and video production companies to gain more work


Finding a constant stream of work in the Australian video production industry is no easy task, especially when you are a new company or have just turned freelance.

In most cases the volume of new projects or inquiries will build in time as your name starts to spread, but word of mouth can take a while for clients to start coming to you.

My theory is, as long as you are providing the client the best possible quality of work, you will eventually be run off your feet and need to expand, So what can you do to help speed this process up and make it easy for potential clients who are looking for great video content to find you quickly and easily?



1. Produce the best possible work you can.


Pro’s: Increased exposure, higher quality clients, video content MAY receive more views, word of mouth.
Con’s: There are no real cons with this one!


I thought I’d start off with the obvious one! If you push yourself or your company creatively, technically and professionally on every job you will come away with an enormous sense of pride for your work, clients can sense that too and will come back to you again and again, this is one of the best ways of gaining a good word of mouth reputation in your area. Your showreel / recent work portfolio will start to shine as well as your body of work increases.



2. Build a website with a good amount of SEO.


Pro’s: A good web presence can provide you with a substantial amount of enquiries and steady work. It can also serve as a way for people & businesses to find you and get in contact.
Con’s: getting to a position on google where people find you in search results is a long form game, it can take 6 months to a year before you start to see any result on search engines, websites can be expensive to build and they take time to maintain properly.


Building a website is an obvious way these days to help get your company name out there, few people realise however, just how much work is involved in getting your website to show up on the first page of search engines, I would say there are two main types of websites in the video production industry for freelancers & video production companies:

  1. An information page about your company, it’s a place where people come if they have heard of you, they will find you if they search for your name or company name.
  2. A full blown website with constantly updated content and blog posts, this type of page takes a lot of work to build and maintain, it’s aim is to get to the front page of google. If it succeeds the rewards can be huge.


3. Get out there and talk to people.


Pro’s: There is nothing like meeting potential clients face to face, make a warmer connection, it’s a great way to meet new people!
Con’s: Small amount of reach at any one given time, time consuming.


Some ways i have found work by getting out there and talking to people include; asking my network of friends and acquaintances if they or their co-workers need any video for their workplace, cold calling (yep, always loads of fun!) Cold calling is probably my least favourite way of finding new work, it has a pretty low return on investment but occasionally i have been successful with this, i still have a client who needs videos made a few times a year that i gained through cold calling in 2012!

Some other ways to talk to potential clients are meetup groups (especially if you’re a freelancer), and trade shows / expos if you’re a production company.



4. Paid advertising.


Pro’s: Online advertising can be very targeted at your customers, huge potential reach.
Con’s: Obviously not free and can get quite expensive very quickly, producing ads can be time consuming.


Using online ads to get your business on the front page of google can be expensive and risky.

Without saying too much, to get your ad in the top 4 advertising positions for a certain search term at the moment closely related to video production in Australia is costing north of $20 per click to your website! That’s JUST to get a potential client to your site with no guarantee they will contact you.

Cheaper options can be to use facebook ads or even youtube pre-roll video ads. If you are working in the video production industry as either a freelancer or a production company then producing content is not as expensive (or difficult) to do compared to other industries so this might be an option to think about.


5. Apply to join a video production marketplace.


Pro’s: Free to sign up and pitch for work, free source of gaining new work, get paid quickly after work is complete, suits production companies and freelancers.
Con’s: Competitive, not everyone always accepted to become a member.


Online marketplaces have become more and more popular over the past few years, with the rise of sites such as freelancer dot com and 99 designs, clients have been able to gain access to huge resources of talent all in one place. The problem over the past few years though is that none of these marketplaces specialise in the Australian video production industry. almost a year ago now we noticed that there was no marketplace platform currently in Australia  that specialised in video production so, we decided to build one ourselves!


crewscout.co is Australia’s first online marketplace that specialises in the video production industry, video production houses and freelancers alike can apply for membership which will in return provide a free way to find new video production work directly to clients in Australia. Projects are not won by the company who can pitch the lowest price for the work – project pricing is fixed with a healthy respect for video production rates in Australia.


Members can easily pitch to create new video content posted by Australian businesses. Pitching is specifically designed to take as little time as possible as members’ pitch is linked directly to their profile page which contains their recent work, location, company details & images.


Crew Scout is designed and built from the ground up by a collection of Australian video production professionals. The team consists of active working producers, video directors, cameramen and web developers to bring production companies & freelancers a steady flow of work and to help grow their company.

For more information including how to join, click here


In conclusion.


I hope you have found some value in this article, it is by no means a definitive way to get more work, some other quick mentions could be:

  1. Creating informative / educational video content.
  2. Decide to specialise in a certain sector / industry
  3. Rent a booth at a specific industry event and explain how important video content is for marketing purposes.
  4. Hand out high quality business cards
  5. Maintain your current clients and keep them very happy.
  6. Be active in online forums where potential clients may ask for video production.

Good luck!


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