Editors and edit suite hire

Decicated edit suites

Fully equipped for start-to-finish video production with professional video editing, mastering and archiving facilities.

Small and large edits

Whether your just after a RAW footage cleanup or looking for a completed polished video ready for distribution we can handle it.

Convenient location

Our office is located within minutes of the Sydney CBD in Waterloo with ample street parking available.

If you are looking to take your project from shoot to delivery then get in touch, we have editing suites (which are portable if necessary) running the latest in editing, graphics and colour grading software. We always shoot with the edit in mind, which provides a more fluid and directional film.

“There are some great advantages of going out to shoot something knowing that I am the one who is going to be putting it all together in post, from simple things like knowing where the lower thirds (name tags of the talent) will be in the final cut which allows me to frame shots that leave space for the text / graphics, to having a picture in my head of how it will all come together which gives me a clear idea on what shots I need, how many, what style of shots and how fast paced the edit will be.”


Shoot and edit packages come with many different options depending on your production and do come at  discounted rate when compared to shoot only and edit only prices.


Case study – Paul Moses

“I recently shot a time-lapse promo for UK Retail chain Argos with Waterloo Film Studios, this was an interesting shoot as it involved 4 carpenters and builders covering an average family home in the suburbs with fake 50 notes to illustrate the amount of money people could save per year on insurance.I worked with another great cameraman shooting time-lapse photographs for 8 hours at a time with 3 DSLR’s for two days. We had so much footage to deal with at the end of the second day that just to transcode it all was going to take hours. Now heres the catch – the client needed the edit to go online within 2 hours of us getting back to the edit suite!

The solution we came up with was to take our laptops to the house, and throughout the day transcode the footage onto a hard drive and start the edit on the way back in the van, We had two MacBook Pro’s working hard to convert all the photos to HD video using Adobe After Effects and Quicktime Pro.

By the time we had got back to base I had all the footage ready to go on the timeline and was starting to put it all together. The client came into the edit booth in the last half hour to tweak and check and at 8pm the video was on youtube ready for the campaign launch the next day.”



If you are looking for a shoot/edit package and would like to chat through your project with one of our friendly team then don’t hesitate to get in touch:
  • Call us on +61 (0)4262 747 66
  • E-mail us: info@cameraoperatorsydney.com

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