Sculpture by the Sea 2014 (video)


Produced in collaboration with RawLight films, Sculpture by the Sea came to Sydney and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to get out to the coast and sunrise and make a video. We knew the sculptures would look amazing in the morning light but we thought it would be a great to include a narrative within the short video.

sculpture by the sea paul rom rhino paul with camera solo

The entire production team were amazed by the quality of the sculptures that dotted the rocky landscape. We followed the journey of Roman Mongin a local photographer who was on location to capture a sunrise photo session, as he prepared to take a series of photographs of the sculptures against the backdrop of a classic Bondi sunrise across the Pacific ocean.

The weather turned on for us and the results were more than we could have hoped for as the pre-dawn fog rolled away to reveal a timeless sunrise and the sky remained crystal clear with barely a breath of wind.

Our good friend Clinton Bell brought his phantom camera drone and filmed a dramatic series of aerial shots of the headland as the morning sun highlighted the unique series of sculptures.

We’ve edited the shoot into a 3 minute video, if you like what you see please share it with your friends and make the trip down to
Bondi to view these sculptures while they’re still in place over the next few weeks. You can find the official exhibition website here for more details:

A special thanks goes out to Victoria Obee for being our extra set of hands and eyes on the shoot and keeping the filming on track, whilst putting up with a bunch of boys nerding out on camera equipment.

And of course a thank you to all the talented artists who’ve come together to make this wonderful exhibition come to life.

For the geeks out there, the equipment used to make the shoot come together was the following:

• 2 Sony FS700s, filming slow motion of up to 200 frames per second

• DJI Phantom Drone with a GoPro 3 attached

• Digital Juice Slider & a GlideCam Steadicam to capture the moving shots

• Canon 5D mark 2 for Roman’s still photography

• Sennheiser and Rode microphones to capture the audio

martin paul cube mesh sculpture the crew wrap

Here are the finished videos:

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