Making ‘side tracked’ cycling adventure documentary.


In early 2012 a few friends and I cycled from London, England to The Pyramids in Gize, Egypt. It was one hell of an adventure cycling head on into one of the coldest european winters on record. We camped, ate and cycled with all our gear with no support teams or backup.

The ride took us 5 months in total as we made our way through France, Italy, Albania, Greece, Israel, Jordan and finally Egypt. We did originally plan to go through Iran and Central Asia by spring time (hence why we started off in the middle of winter) but due to the political situation in Iran in early 2012 we headed south and shipped out bikes from Athens to Haifa in Israel.

The purpose of the trip was primarily to have an adventure on two wheels and see countries in a unique way that can’t be achieved by travelling by car, train or bus. The other reason to to the trip was get the chance to make a documentary on the journey. I am still editing the film and am hoping to release the finished product by the end of 2013. In the mean time i have put up some of the photographs from the trip below…



Filming the journey was an incredibly rewarding experience and something that i really enjoyed, it was hard at times. After cycling 120km the last thing i wanted to do sometimes was shoot interviews and sequences but it was well worth it in the end.

I can’t wait to release this adventure film in the coming months, i’ll be posting more information and images on my facebook page as thefilm gets closer to being finished.




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  1. I am one of the organisers of Pedal Brisbane, a not for profit Arts, Design and Culture festival promoting cycling and it’s inhabitants on November 14. This year, the festival moves to the fabulous Queensland Museum providing us with amazing spaces to present films, documentaries and activities to a much larger audience.
    Is there an opportunity to present your documentary “Side Tracked” promoting your journey and the film that has been made. Our festival forms part of “Bicycle” a 6 month installation presenting cycling history in this country.
    We have much in the planning for this years festival including, design, film and writing presentations and competitions, short film awards and mass rides. Our over arching theme is “Climate Change” and “Women on Bikes”. All designed to encourage increased riding, promote thought and attract infrastructure investment.
    We would love your film if there is a way to secure it for the evening and possibly a wider future audience release. (I hope it has not already been released here and I just got egg on my face).
    Hope to hear from you soon

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