A few reasons we are looking forward to trying out

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There are no right and wrong ways of delivering video content to clients over the internet these days. Many production houses use a variety of platforms from e-mail, large file transfer websites such as wetransfer and hightail, vimeo, youtube, google drive or wistia just to name a few. We currently use a mix of vimeo pro and google drive to deliver draft and finished versions of videos to our clients and this has worked well for the last few years. There is a new kid on the block coming though – and it looks very promising. aims to “pick up where vimeo left off” in...

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Canon 24-105mm with Speedbooster (Video)

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Focal Length comparison between the Speedbooster and ‘Normal’ EF-E mount adaptor on Canon 24-105mm lens.   Shooting video on large sensor cameras have many advantages that, in my mind outweigh the disadvantages. The ability to utilise the size of the sensor into giving you great pictures in low light as well as the popular large depth of field “DSLR” look are invaluable in todays online video world. One of the disadvantages however to using larger sensor camera’s is the availability (and price) of a good multi-purpose zoom lens. In my lens bag I have had the...

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Updated Showreel for 2015

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Updated showreel…   2015 so far… (see below clip for details)     2015 has started with an absolute bang! We have some exciting projects in the pipeline for 2015. One of our senior cameramen and founder of, Paul Moses is currently over in Dubai working on a four part travel show airing in Australia later in 2015, he will be returning early March. Back in Sydney the rest of the team are busy as ever working on freelance filming projects and developing early pre production stages on some sporting events and helping facilitate international...

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Take a look at’s new face book page!!

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 Facebook…Everyone has one these days but the truth is…   Facebook really is a great and easy way to get in touch and exchange information & ideas. I also frequently put up recent work, new technology releases in the film-making world, on set photos, links and tutorials / gear tips etc. Also, when i am looking for extra crew members for roles usually in the sydney area i will usually put the vacancy up on this Facebook page to advertise. So come and check out the page and ‘like’ to stay in touch and get up to date news with whats happening with this website...

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Building the FS700 Camera rig – Updated.

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Sony FS700 Shoulder mount camera rig – Updated April 2013 Anyone who has ever used the FS700 would know that it’s not exactly blessed with great ergonomics out of the box, some people do like the way it’s designed but unfortunately, i’m not one of them. After only a few days shooting with this camera i couldn’t wait to find a way to use this camera in a way i’m a bit more used to and that’s shoulder mounted or semi-shoulder mounted. Shooting an interview handheld for 5-10 minutes really tested my ability to keep the camera firm and steady without...

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New Kit – The Glidecam HD4000

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The Glidecam HD4000 Camera Stabiliser System I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a camera stabiliser for ages now and today i’ve finally pulled the trigger and ordered one. I have a shoot coming up next week which involves a virtual tour of a house so it’s a great excuse to test it out while following someone around a house giving a piece to camera. The Glidecam HD4000 The system is rated up to 4.5kg so it should in theory be big enough to cope with the FS700. Looks like I will need to strip the camera of it’s rig prior to flying as i think the combined...

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