New Kit – The Glidecam HD4000


The Glidecam HD4000 Camera Stabiliser System

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a camera stabiliser for ages now and today i’ve finally pulled the trigger and ordered one. I have a shoot coming up next week which involves a virtual tour of a house so it’s a great excuse to test it out while following someone around a house giving a piece to camera.

Glidecam HD4000Glidecam HD4000

The Glidecam HD4000

The system is rated up to 4.5kg so it should in theory be big enough to cope with the FS700.

Looks like I will need to strip the camera of it’s rig prior to flying as i think the combined weight of the camera and rig at the moment is around 5/5.5kg.  

The Glidecam should arrive this coming tuesday – 1 day before the shoot so looks like i’ll be heading down to the local park tuesday evening to set it up and have a run around….I’ll put up a few initial shots next week.



I like the kit, it’s fairly simple to use and set up, seems pretty solid which is a good thing as i’m sure it will get a few dings along the way.

I shot the tour of the house piece to camera with this. I only had half an hour with the contestants of the biggest loser so i had to work quick. I put my Sony A77 on the Glidecam and hooked the contestants up to a wireless mic. I put the FS700 into a back pack and took the audio in that way. I have since bought the X-10 arm and vest for the Glidecam which i completely recommend as after 20 minutes using this kit without my arm felt like it was going to fall off…


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