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New TV commercial shot by D.O.P, Paul Moses from cameraoperatorsydney.com

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It’s always nice to work for a good cause, and having the opportunity to shoot a TV commercial for the cancer council raising awareness of the good work they do was a fantastic experience. Couple that with work with some great crew it made for a very rewarding two day shoot. I worked closely with director Peter Muffet to create a few ‘morning tea party’ scenes which made up all of the on air time. The lighting was a great challenge shooting in a lived-in house with the sun shining in from one side of the house. We used a combination of Lupolux and kinoflo 4ft banks to lift...

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Cameraoperatorsydney.com goes on location filming in Dubai!

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Spice souks to Skiing to Desert – We go on location in Dubai   From 12th February 2015 – 5th March 2015, one of our staff senior cameramen will be filming on location in Dubai, U.A.E.   We have been asked to provide camera department services for an upcoming 4 part TV travel program for Australian TV.   Dubai is a melting pot of cultures with over 200 languages spoken in the Emirate. We are filming every corner of this fascinating place from spice souks, gold markets and glitzy shopping centres to Arabian deserts, indoor ski resorts and...

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A few reasons to follow us on Facebook / Instagram / Google+

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Many of you are already following us on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus or youtube (thanks!), but for those of you that aren’t, here are a list of reasons why you should!: [yinstagram] Awesome content from around the web! We are constantly scouring the web to find the best articles, videos and blog posts. Discover the best content as soon as we find them!   When we complete a project for you we share it on our social media networks and tag your campaign.   We often share on location frequent photos and videos of projects that we are working on right now   Gear...

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GoPro 4 Scuba Diving video.

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GoPro 4 Scuba Diving Video – 2.7k @ 50fps     Beautiful clear blue water, the sun shining, an array of vibrant aquatic life and the new GoPro 4 black edition in our paws? It’s time for a quick gopro 4 scuba diving test! Towards the end of 2014 GoPro released the latest version of their famed camera dubbed (you guessed it) the GoPro 4. Full details on the new flagship black camera can be found here. Here is a summary of the latest features to be added… Features 4K resolution at 30fps, 2.7K resolution at 50fps, and 1080p Video up to 120fps Capture 12MP Photos at...

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Sculpture by the Sea 2014 (video)

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Produced in collaboration with RawLight films, Sculpture by the Sea came to Sydney and we thought it was a perfect opportunity to get out to the coast and sunrise and make a video. We knew the sculptures would look amazing in the morning light but we thought it would be a great to include a narrative within the short video.   The entire production team were amazed by the quality of the sculptures that dotted the rocky landscape. We followed the journey of Roman Mongin a local photographer who was on location to capture a sunrise photo session, as he prepared to take a series of photographs...

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Canon 24-105mm with Speedbooster (Video)

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Focal Length comparison between the Speedbooster and ‘Normal’ EF-E mount adaptor on Canon 24-105mm lens.   Shooting video on large sensor cameras have many advantages that, in my mind outweigh the disadvantages. The ability to utilise the size of the sensor into giving you great pictures in low light as well as the popular large depth of field “DSLR” look are invaluable in todays online video world. One of the disadvantages however to using larger sensor camera’s is the availability (and price) of a good multi-purpose zoom lens. In my lens bag I have had the...

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